There are a number of ways you can lower your energy bills with ceiling fans. Here are some things to consider.

Use Your Ceiling Fan Wisely

The cost to run a ceiling fan is about 36 times less expensive than the cost to run your HVAC. With this in mind, you can run your ceiling fans in the milder months of spring and autumn to cut back on electricity. However, running ceiling fans along with the HVAC is also beneficial—especially in the winter when fans set to spin clockwise push warm air back down. Since warm air rises, this adjustment helps circulate heat that collects near the ceiling.

Understand How Cooling Works

Many people think their AC pushes cold air into their home, but it does not. Technically, it cools by removing warm air from the home and pushing it outside, replacing it with air cooled by the system.

Unlike an AC unit, a ceiling fan does not cool a room or a general space. Ceiling fans promote circulation which evaporates the moisture on the skin as it crosses over your body, making you feel cooler. Thus, it is almost always a good idea to turn off your ceiling fans when you’re not in the room.

The Do’s and Don’ts

The Dos

Ceiling fans can make a room feel up to four degrees cooler. This may help you be able to comfortably turn the temperature on your thermostat up a few degrees. Using larger ceiling fans circulate more air. Reverse fans to spin clockwise in winter to help save on heating costs. Every degree you adjust your thermostat up during the summer or down during the winter can help save 4-6% on your electric bill!

Clean ceiling fans periodically to prevent buildup that can clog your filters. And finally, purchase ENERGY STAR-rated ceiling fans as they can be up to 60% more efficient than other fans.

The Don’ts

Don’t leave your fans running all day. Since ceiling fans don’t actually cool the room and only cool the people in the room, there’s no need to leave them on in unoccupied areas. Additionally, don’t set your fans on high during the winter. The fans should be set on low to push warm air down without scattering it or pushing through air leaks to the outside.

Maintenance Is Key

If your ceiling fans or HVAC system are not functioning properly, you could be wasting lots of energy. If you need AC/heating repair, give GVEC Air Conditioning & Heating a call today and let our experienced technicians help you cool or heat your home more efficiently. We offer comprehensive HVAC services to the residents of Gonzales, TX, and the surrounding areas.

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