All HVAC systems require maintenance to ensure they run well throughout the year. Even highly efficient systems are put under duress when the temperatures are at their most extreme. Before a new season rolls around, you should consider seasonal maintenance to make sure you catch small issues before they become more difficult to fix.

While it’s possible to call and schedule maintenance at any time, there could be a chance that your preferred HVAC maintenance team will be busy when you contact them. By obtaining a seasonal maintenance plan, your name will be on the calendar in plenty of time to ensure your system is ready to keep up with the demands of summer and winter temperatures. With seasonal maintenance, your HVAC unit should maintain better performance, which will keep your home comfortable.

Importance of Scheduling Seasonal HVAC Maintenance

There are several reasons why it’s important to schedule seasonal maintenance on your HVAC system. Whether your unit is new or 10 years old, there’s always a chance that components need to be replaced or more refrigerant needs to be added. Something as minor as a refrigerant leak could cause your HVAC unit to emit warm air during the hot summer months. By scheduling seasonal maintenance, you’ll reduce your energy bills, prevent malfunctions, and make sure your system holds up regardless of the outside temperature.

Seasonal Maintenance Checklist

There are many steps that should be covered during seasonal maintenance. Once the maintenance process is finished, you should have confidence that your HVAC unit will run well when the temperatures reach freezing or get climb high. During maintenance, all thermostat settings are checked to make sure the wiring properly connects the thermostat to your HVAC unit. The condensate drain is also inspected to ensure leaks aren’t present around the drain.

Unit components are cleaned to get rid of build up, corrosion, or dirt that might exist. The team you hire runs comprehensive diagnostics on the primary components in your HVAC system, which include everything from the blower to the pressure-release valve. The specific components that are checked depend on the type of HVAC system you have in your home.

Consider HVAC Spec Check

An HVAC Spec Check is a type of seasonal maintenance plan from GVEC that can keep your system in good working condition. Since HVAC units are put under a considerable amount of stress at the height of the summer and winter months, our Spec Check include two full inspections every year. These inspections often take place just before the winter and summer seasons.

Avoid Expensive Repairs

Obtaining seasonal maintenance should make it easier for you to avoid expensive repairs. Small problems in your HVAC unit are identified and fixed early on, which means issues with your system may be corrected before they worsen. These inspections often include renewing refrigerant, testing electrical components, checking coils and making sure the thermostat works properly.

Once the inspection is over, you’ll receive a report that tells you about the components that were checked, any issues that were identified and possible solutions that may need to be scheduled.

Maintain Efficiency

Even if you purchase a highly efficient HVAC system, efficiency doesn’t always remain the same. Over time, systems may operate less efficiently if not properly maintained. You can, however, ensure your system’s peak efficiency by scheduling seasonal maintenance. Keep in mind that higher unit efficiency means your monthly energy bills don’t climb higher than necessary.

Improve System Lifespan

Seasonal maintenance can also help expand your HVAC system’s lifespan. By replacing small components early on and cleaning parts regularly, your system should run well for many years. Seasonal maintenance can help you avoid replacing your HVAC unit earlier than usual.

Do you need to maintain your existing system? If so, our team at GVEC Air Conditioning & Heating offers comprehensive maintenance for any type of HVAC system. Our HVAC Spec Check program offers flexible appointment availability.

During maintenance, our team looks carefully at all system components to ensure they’re in great condition. We’ll also clean and lubricate parts to keep damage at bay. If you request our HVAC maintenance services on a regular basis, your unit should continue running efficiently.

Call GVEC Air Conditioning & Heating today to schedule our maintenance services for your South Central Texas home.

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