An outdated thermostat may provide your family with minimal temperature control, but they’re not the best way to monitor your home’s HVAC use. Your household deserves a streamlined smart thermostat, which can effortlessly manage a variety of indoor comfort systems. Some of these devices can even learn your family’s schedule and keep track of your filter use. Here are a few great reasons to invest in a smart thermostat this season.

Lower Energy Consumption

Smart thermostats are guaranteed to save you time and money. You can use their advanced setting options to schedule your HVAC system to run less when no one’s at home. You’ll even be able to kick your air conditioner on when you’re about to arrive, so there’s no effect on your household’s comfort. These settings allow you to minimize energy use by only cooling or heating your home when you’re there.

How much you can save depends on your overall HVAC use and thermostat model. You should expect a baseline of at least 10% savings on your annual energy costs. Some thermostat brands boast savings of up to 25%. Your experienced HVAC technician can help you find the best model for your family’s needs.

Convenient Remote Options

Unlike traditional thermostats, many smart thermostats connect to the internet and provide you with access via a phone application. While you’re out shopping or at work, you can monitor your energy consumption or change your home’s temperature. This feature is especially helpful if you’re going away on vacation or have multiple properties to manage. Whenever there’s a change in your interior temperature, the app will notify you with an alert. You can rest easy knowing your HVAC system is working properly and efficiently even when you’re not at home.

Easy to Install

Replacing your old thermostat with a newer model is a breeze for certified technicians. As long as your previous device was in an appropriate location, it won’t take long to connect it to the existing wiring. While you may want to switch it out yourself, it’s best to count on a technician with electrical training. Even a minor mistake during the installation process can result in costly HVAC issues and increases in your monthly bills.

Tracks Service Needs

It’s a common myth that smart thermostats are difficult to program. In reality, these devices are as easy to use as your smartphone. You’ll never again have to worry about forgetting to change your air filter or schedule HVAC service. Your new thermostat will send out reminders when it’s time to get a tune-up or when there’s a potential system issue. The easy energy consumption monitoring will also help you watch for irregular spikes that might require repairs or maintenance.

Potential for Long-Term Learning

One of the best features of today’s smart thermostats is their ability to learn and adapt to your family. Some models have movement detectors that can sense when your family members are active in the home. This allows the thermostat to naturally adjust your HVAC use to lower energy wastefulness. It can utilize this data to make changes based on the season or time of day. Smart thermostats may even monitor your local weather and regulate your average temperature accordingly.

Improved Comfort and Temperature Control

Outdated thermostats usually only have limited setting features that require constant manual changing. If you want to adjust your temperature or turn off your HVAC system, you have to go directly to the thermostat itself. These systems are prone to burning up energy, especially as they age, and don’t have the intuitive features you need to maximize your comfort. Upgrade to a new thermostat to take expert control of your compatible zoning system, furnace, air conditioner, air purifier, and more.

Full-Service Heating and Cooling

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