Life is stressful, sometimes making calmer moments seem few and far between; however, you can ease stress by having your HVAC system serviced annually. Regular tune-ups help to greatly reduce the chances of an emergency breakdown, they can lessen or avoid future repair costs, and they can increase the efficiency of your system. Read below to learn about our HVAC Spec Check service plan and how it can help reduce the stresses of being a homeowner.

What Is Included in the HVAC Spec Check Service Plan?

Two maintenance visits, one in the fall and one in the spring, are included in the Spec Check service plan. During visits, our technicians will perform cleaning tasks, such as washing and clearing debris from your outdoor unit and cleaning your condensate drain lines. They will also inspect your HVAC systems parts, such as the coils, blower assembly and air distribution system, for any problems.

Finally, our team will check your HVAC system’s electrical components for wear and test them to ensure they operate properly. After completing your maintenance, we will give you an HVAC Spec Check report. This document will include what the technician checked and any HVAC issues that need to be addressed.

What Is Not Included in the HVAC Spec Check Service Plan?

Sometimes our technicians find something that needs to be repaired, or they’ll identify worn-out parts during their visit. Repair fees and parts are not covered as part of our service plan. However, HVAC Spec Check service plan customers pay a discounted price for parts needed to get your heating and cooling system back to tip-top shape.

Contact the Professionals

As a homeowner, there is a lot on your mind, and your heating and cooling system does not have to be one of them. After we service your system, you will know it is safe, will run efficiently and will not be prone to an emergency breakdown.

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