The hot summers and cool winters in the Gonzalez and Cuero areas mean you need year-round reliable indoor climate control. If your AC/heating system isn’t performing as well as it used to, don’t wait to replace it. You won’t regret it. Here are seven things to expect from the installation process.

1. Select Your New System

After deciding to install a new HVAC system, you must decide which unit to buy. Many homeowners choose to go with the newest version of what they already have, but this isn’t always the best choice. Do yourself a favor and research all of your options.

Today’s HVAC units run more efficiently than their older counterparts, but some deliver even better performance. Some homeowners might even consider a heat pump. Heat pumps work great in central Texas because of the cooler but usually mild winters, heating your home without needing to overwork.

To decide which HVAC system works best for you, consider your budget and your heating and cooling needs, and then seek professional advice from qualified HVAC technicians at GVEC.

2. Get Ready for Install Day

Once you select your new equipment and schedule the install date, you’ll need to get your house ready for install day. To ensure a smooth installation, the installers will ask that you do the following:

• Have ductwork inspected and/or prepped for the new unit
• Remove any obstacles around the indoor air handler and the exterior condenser unit
• Ensure the installation crew can access the main electrical panel

3. Prepare for Adequate Installation Time

Installing a new HVAC system may take different amounts of time for different reasons. It’s not a service that you want your technician to rush through.

Many factors play into how long the install actually takes. Some factors to consider include:

• Size of your home
• System chosen
• Project scope

Swapping out your current HVAC system with a new version is often the most time-efficient install. If you’ve decided to upgrade to a geothermal system like a heat pump, the process may take longer. You can ask about the estimated installation time when scheduling your appointment.

4. Professional Installation From Considerate GVEC Technicians

Before the installation begins, expect the GVEC technicians working on the installation to take measures to protect your home. When the technicians arrive, they’ll park on the street or in a location that doesn’t inconvenience you. They’ll also put down protective floor coverings or wear foot covers to keep from tracking dirt and mud on your floors.

Expect at least two technicians on the job during the installation. Depending on the scope of the project, you might have several technicians in your house at once.

5. Secure Your Pets

To keep the installation running smoothly, make sure to keep pets away from the workspace. Secure your pets in a separate room, in a pet carrier, or with a friend or family member who can watch them for the day. Curious pets not only slow down the installation process, but they also run the risk of accidental injury.

6. Prepare for Electrical Outages

For the most part, the installation technicians will do their best to keep your power on throughout the installation process. HVAC installers will strive to keep the heat or air running for as long as possible to ensure you stay comfortable in your home. That being said, plan for periods of no power to ensure the safety of the crew. Professional installers, like those at GVEC Air Conditioning & Heating, go above and beyond to let homeowners know when they need to turn off the power.

7. HVAC Installers Remove the Old Equipment

Don’t worry about removing your old equipment. The installation process includes equipment and refrigerant removal. After the new unit gets installed, the technicians will clean up after themselves and leave the area in tip-top shape. You’d never know a major home installation service happened!

Rely on the GVEC Pros for Efficient AC/Heating Installation

New HVAC installation is a big project, but when the right people do the job, it can go faster and smoother than you’d imagine. Are you ready to install a new HVAC system at your Gonzalez or Cuero home? Contact GVEC Air Conditioning & Heating for more information today. We’re happy to assist with heating and cooling repair and maintenance as well.

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