While it seems logical that closing vents in unused rooms will save you money, it’s a bad idea. Doing this can cause serious problems and cost you money instead of saving it.

Blocked Airflow

The blower in your heating and cooling system is designed to push against a maximum pressure difference. If you close vents, the blower motor will work harder to maintain proper airflow. This causes a loss in efficiency in your system, which could increase your energy bills.

Leaks in Ductwork

Since closing vents increases air pressure in your heating and cooling system, duct leaks can result. If there are already holes in the ductwork, they may get wider. This results in conditioned air blowing into your attic or crawlspace.

GVEC Home® is a heating and cooling company with offices in the Texas communities of Gonzales, Seguin, Schertz, Cuero, and La Vernia. We can make your heating and cooling system operate more efficiently by performing maintenance checks and tune-ups of your AC/heating system.

Cracked Heat Exchanger

Your HVAC system needs to work harder when vents are closed. This can result in your furnace’s heat exchanger cracking. This is expensive to fix and may even require you to buy a new furnace.

Frozen Air Conditioner Coil

If you block vents, it can result in your air conditioner coil freezing up. This can happen when there isn’t good airflow through the AC equipment. You’ll likely need professional help to fix this problem, which can result in an unwanted repair bill.

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