Anyone who has spent time in a hot and muggy climate knows that being exposed to the hot weather is one thing, but having to endure hot and humid air is altogether worse. Hot and humid air can make it seem difficult to breathe. It also has the awful effect of intensifying the heat we feel. This is because the warm moisture in the air sticks to our skin and enters our lungs, making our sweat evaporate less readily. When hot air is dry, it can just pass over us with less effect on our body temperature. But humidity delivers a “sticky” kind of heat that’s so much more unpleasant.

Will Air Conditioning Remove Humidity from the Air?

The simple answer to this question is, yes, an air conditioner will remove moisture from the air. This is why we call your AC unit an “air conditioner” and not just an air blower. If your AC did not remove moisture from the air then it would just be a big fan that’s channeled through your home.

How It Works

Your AC unit removes moisture and heat from the air using a condenser coil or condensate array. This device exploits the tendency of moisture to be drawn from the air onto surfaces that are cooler than the surrounding atmosphere.

As moisture is drawn from the air, it takes the ambient heat with it. This is why we feel much cooler if a breeze hits our skin when we are sweating. The air moving over the moisture draws heat away very rapidly.

In very hot and dry climates, swamp coolers are popular. These actually add moisture to the air. However, in most areas where heat is a nuisance, moisture removal is preferable.

Air conditioners have had the ability to remove moisture from the air for decades. But modern AC units are capable of regulating the amount of moisture they draw from the air. These advanced systems sense moisture and respond according to your preferred climate settings. You can adjust the humidity setting depending on the season, climate, and your preference.

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