Proper HVAC Sizing is a Must

No matter the season or time of year, it’s important to have a correctly sized HVAC system. Because these systems work overtime in the Texas heat, summer is an especially critical time for proper sizing. An improperly sized AC/heating system can lead to a number of problems.

The Perils of Improper HVAC Sizing

One of the problems that can be caused by an improperly sized HVAC system is higher-than-normal humidity levels in the home. Other potential problems include higher-than-average electricity bills and increased system wear-and-tear.

Improper HVAC Sizing and High Humidity

Oversized AC/heating systems tend to run shorter heating/cooling cycles. Reduced run cycles leave the system with insufficient time to remove excess water vapor from the air, leading to humidity issues. Higher-than-normal humidity in the home can make it feel hotter inside than the temperature indicated on the thermostat.

More significantly, high inside humidity can cause mold growth on walls, ceilings, and floors, creating an unhealthy environment. And once your home develops mold, it can be difficult and costly to correct. A correctly sized AC/heating system allows water vapor to be adequately removed, maintaining a dry and cool environment in the home.

Improper HVAC Sizing and Inconsistent Run Cycles

If your unit is too large, it can run through its cycle too quickly and/or inconsistently. On the other hand, an undersized unit’s run cycles may be too long and/or too short. A shortened cycle can leave rooms farther away from the thermostat uncooled. Whether too large or small, the run cycles of an improperly sized HVAC system can also fluctuate in length from one cycle to the next.

Improper HVAC Sizing and Increased Electricity Costs

If your system kicks on and off too frequently and/or runs in cycles of inconsistent length, you’ll pay more for the electricity needed to run it. Plus, excessive on-and-off operation and inconsistent heating/cooling cycles can seriously increase overall wear-and-tear, leading to costly repairs and even to the need for replacement. Additionally, an overly large HVAC system will naturally consume more power than a smaller, correctly sized unit, adding even more to your heating/cooling costs.

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