An air conditioner’s most important role is adjusting how cool your home feels; however, multi-stage ACs—which we offer at GVEC Home—also help control humidity. The amount of moisture in the air can heavily influence indoor air quality and comfort, so it’s important to have an AC system that keeps humidity at desired levels. When you properly control humidity, you get the following helpful boosts to performance.

More Comfortable Indoor Temperatures

When humidity is high, the human body feels hotter than the number indicated on the thermometer. This is because we cannot produce as much sweat—the body’s primary cooling mechanism—in a humid environment. As a result, you’ll need to crank your AC temperature lower if humidity is high inside your home. If humidity is properly controlled though, you can set the thermostat higher and save on energy bills.

Reduced Wear and Tear

Regardless of what the actual temperature is within the home, a high humidity level can make you feel a few degrees hotter—maybe more. The system must work harder to achieve your desired comfort, and the more it runs, the greater the stress on system components. If your AC is always operating in a home with high humidity, you’re more likely to end up needing GVEC Home to come for AC repair. You may also find that your system needs to be replaced sooner than expected.

Better Air Filtration

Conditions inside an abnormally humid home are more favorable for mold growth, while dust and pollen can find their way inside and linger with greater ease. The resulting higher pollutant levels can reduce air filter effectiveness, leading to clogs and buildup on system parts. Without the circulation of clean air through its parts, your system will run less efficiently and suffer greater wear-and-tear. These factors can not only cause higher energy bills but can eventually lead to machine failure.

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If you’ve got a humidity problem or a general lack of comfort in your home, GVEC home can help. We can repair your existing AC/heating system or work with you to find the best replacement from our extensive lineup of Champion® and Bryant® heating and cooling systems. The majority of our multi-stage AC/heating systems can be calibrated to a specific humidity requirement for your home. We also provide HVAC system maintenance and installation services, and AC/heating repair services, 365 days a year. Find out more about our services by calling 877.466.5506 or contact us here.

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