At GVEC Home, we know that cooling and heating systems are a serious investment. When you install a new HVAC system in your home, you expect it to last many seasons without a problem. We work hard for our customers to make that expectation a reality, and routine maintenance is critical for making it happen. Regular AC/heating system maintenance benefits homeowners in many ways.

Below, we’ve compiled a few reasons why your system needs routine AC/heating maintenance—even if it’s new—and why GVEC Home’s HVAC Spec Check maintenance plan is a great choice for helping keep your HVAC system properly maintained.

AC/Heating System Longevity

With time, any HVAC system, no matter its manufacturer or durability, will need to be replaced; however, taking proper care of your system helps it lasts as long as possible. Through HVAC Spec Check, our skilled AC/heating technicians can help you keep your AC/heating system in peak condition year-round.

When you sign up for a HVAC Spec Check AC/heating maintenance plan, we’ll inspect and service your system twice yearly—once in fall and once in spring. Our technicians will check for worn parts, proper drainage, leaks, correct fluid levels and more. HVAC Spec Check is designed to help keep your system running with minimal interruption through hot and cold weather alike.

HVAC Energy Efficiency

A properly tuned AC/heating system is more efficient. Worn parts, dust buildup, improper drainage, low fluid levels, and other problems can make your system work harder than it should to reach the desired temperature in your home. The more work the unit must do, the more electricity it uses. Schedule a regular HVAC inspection and service can help decrease utility bills and lower your carbon footprint. Plus, your system will be under less strain in keeping your home comfortable, helping it to last longer.

AC/Heating Peace of Mind

When your cooling system runs properly, you don’t have to think about it. It does its job in the background, keeping your home cool and comfortable. When the unit doesn’t function properly, it can cause stress and worry over the unexpected costs of repair or for a system replacement. Regular maintenance helps catch small issues before they become big problems, and that’s the point of GVEC Home’s HVAC Spec Check plan. HVAC Spec Check will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re taking proper care of your system and keeping it in optimal condition year-round.

New HVAC Systems and the No-Maintenance Myth

Finally, after installing a new AC/heating system, many people think they don’t need routine maintenance until after using the system a year or two. Nothing could be further from true.

Imagine driving a new car 30,000 miles before getting your first oil change. This would be irrational and unwise and decrease the car’s life expectancy. Cars are complicated machines. Owners must be mindful of the need for regular upkeep from the moment they drive their vehicle from the dealership. AC/heating systems are much the same. These are highly complicated machines that need regular maintenance. Homeowners should start thinking about regular checkups for their new systems from the moment they turn on the power for the first time.

HVAC Spec Check: Comfort Through Hot or Cold

GVEC Home’s HVAC Spec Check maintenance plan is a great way to get your new AC/heating system off to a strong start. It can help make sure you get optimal performance from your older system, too, while increasing longevity.

We know that not everyone can invest in long term routine upkeep, though. That’s why we created our one-time Check-N-Save maintenance inspection. Like an HVAC Spec Check, Check-N-Save visits include a complete system inspection and tune-up. Also, like HVAC Spec Check, the goal of a Check-N-Save is to help you get optimum performance from your HVAC system.

Contact GVEC Home for all Your Heating and Cooling Needs

At GVEC Home, we’re here to help with all aspects of cooling and heating your home. In addition to our HVAC Spec Check maintenance options, we offer HVAC systems from Champion® and Bryant®. We also do installation and HVAC service. To learn more, contact us today at 877.910.4799.

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