Central AC/heating systems are hardy, powerful home appliances, lasting two decades or longer when maintained properly. Without maintenance, however, they may not last as long or work as efficiently. Check out these benefits of necessary seasonal maintenance programs for HVAC systems.

Stay True to Manufacturer Warranty Guidelines

When purchased new, heating and cooling systems are almost always protected by a manufacturer’s warranty. Many modern HVAC warranties are quite expansive, covering a plethora of damages or failures. A central reason for these generous warranties is the fact that many homeowners inevitably — and often unknowingly — void them in some way. One of the most common ways they’re voided is by failing to maintain the HVAC system properly and keep records of seasonal maintenance.

Prevent Untimely System Failures

AC/heating systems have many working parts, most of which the average homeowner is entirely oblivious to. Being unable to tell the difference between a perfectly fine HVAC unit and one that’s about to blow up is critical. However, homeowners shouldn’t be left solely responsible with system maintenance. HVAC professionals can prevent untimely, costly system failures as part of affordable seasonal maintenance programs.

Improve Allergy and Asthma Symptoms

Seasonal allergies and chronic asthma symptoms are both exacerbated by indoor air pollutants. One of the most common reasons for excessive indoor air pollutant counts is a failure to perform basic HVAC maintenance. Seasonal maintenance programs, such as GVEC Home’s HVAC Spec Check, a plan consisting of two annual checks, and our one-off Check-N-Save tune-up, inspection and maintenance service, can substantially extend the life of your AC/heating system and protect against unexpected break downs.

Maintain Your Home’s Resale Value

Even if you don’t plan on selling your house, you should have a vested interest in maintaining your property’s resale value. Considering the high costs of central HVAC system replacement and how affordable seasonal maintenance programs are, it only makes sense to hire professionals to keep your heating, cooling, and ventilation system in check.

If you live in the south-central Texas area, consider checking out our affordable, widely trusted AC/heating system seasonal maintenance programs. We also install ductless systems, heat pumps, furnaces, thermostats and environmentally friendly geothermal systems as well as repair HVAC units and perform home energy audits. Contact GVEC Home today to learn how we can improve your home’s heating, cooling, ventilation, and energy efficiency.

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