A common problem for some two-story homes is the upstairs being hotter than the downstairs. You feel nice and comfortable downstairs, but when you go upstairs you feel noticeably warmer. Here are a few of the reasons this occurs.

Warm Air Rises

As you may remember learning in school, warm air rises while cool air sinks. Your home will naturally be warmer upstairs simply due to physics.

Hot Roof

Your roof collects a lot of heat in the summer as the sun beats down on it for hours every day. The heat moves into your attic and then into the top floor of your home. Insulation helps prevent this, but it can’t stop all heat from transferring. However, insulation can wear down after time, so sometimes replacing or adding more insulation is needed. This can help keep the upstairs cooler and help with energy efficiency as well.

Your Air Conditioner Is Old

Most AC units last about 15 to 20 years. Aging air condition systems may not cool as well as they used to. If your upstairs is significantly hotter than your downstairs, it’s entirely possible your old AC unit just can’t push enough cool air throughout your home.

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Ductwork disperses cool air from your AC unit throughout your home. Sometimes a home’s ductwork can develop problems such as gaps and leaks. Or it might have been improperly installed, such as not having enough ductwork on the second floor.

Is It Really Just That One Room?

Think about whether it’s really your whole upstairs or just one room that is excessively warm. This often occurs in second-story rooms built over garages, where there isn’t enough insulation. It could also be a room that receives a lot of afternoon sun, absorbing more heat. Closing blinds and curtains during the sunniest part of the day can help the room stay cooler.

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