If you’ve put off your routine maintenance or missed an annual inspection, furnace problems can be dangerous if not fatal. Serving south central Texas, our goals at GVEC Air & Heating are to identify the potential hazards and keep your family and home safe.

It’s not easy to spot furnace issues, but if you notice changes in its performance, it may be a warning sign. Two common problems that even a novice can detect are higher energy bills and noise. If your monthly bills are running higher now than it did in past seasons, your furnace may have internal malfunctions or need some maintenance. Dirty ducts can block the airflow and cause unusual sounds like banging or knocking. In either case, you need a professional for this job.

Hazardous Warnings

Odors from the furnace are severe warning signs. Dusty smells mean dust or other particles have gotten into the furnace’s combustion chamber. If the furnace is relatively new, it may be easy to repair. If you smell rotten eggs, shut off the furnace immediately and call a qualified technician. You have a gas leak.


Most furnaces have automatic default settings that turn it off to prevent overheating. The industry calls it short cycling. Clogged filters could be the culprit or too many closed vents. These conditions slow down the air circulation causing the system to overheat. Pay attention. Eventually, the problem could damage the control switch that shuts down the furnace, creating a bigger problem.

Wrong Flame Color

The flame should always have a blue hue. Yellow or orange flame colors are signs there’s too much gas or not enough oxygen burning. The air shutter or the burning vent could be damaged. In either case, both are warning signs of a significant and hazardous problem. Locating the furnace in an open space provides the right amount of airflow to pull into the burner. Get the most from your furnace, consider having a professional come by to inspect it. The visit can help to avoid these dangerous situations.

Reliable Heating Services in Gonzales, TX

If you are experiencing furnace problems or it’s time for a new one, call GVEC Air Conditioning & Heating. Choose from the top industry brands backed with warranties. Do your part to ensure the furnace is working properly by staying alert to any changes and keeping up with recommended maintenance routines.

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