An AC/heating system is a major investment you want to last as long as possible. You also want to keep it operating efficiently so you can save money on energy bills and help reduce your carbon footprint. There are several things you can do to achieve these goals.

Change the Air Filters

Many people don’t change the air filters in their HVAC systems frequently enough, which is a big mistake. A dirty air filter reduces the performance of your system and can contribute to reduced efficiency, greater wear-and-tear over time, reduced system lifespan and system breakdowns. GVEC recommends checking the filter every month and changing it if it looks dirty. Generally, you don’t want to use one filter longer than three months.

Get Annual Tune-Ups

To help assure optimum performance, your AC/heating system should be regularly serviced. We recommend two tune-ups a year—once during spring when you switch to AC and then again in fall with the switch to heating.

GVEC’s HVAC Spec Check professional AC/heating service plan is designed to help keep your system running smoothly year-round. With Spec Check, you’ll get two full-service system tune-ups a year—one in spring and one in fall. Our team of professional HVAC technicians will perform the necessary maintenance to help keep your HVAC system operating at its peak efficiency. Spec Check tune-ups will also help catch any potential little problems before they cause major damage.

GVEC is an HVAC company with offices in Gonzales, TX, and other South Central Texas cities. We’re known for our thorough HVAC system maintenance.
Seal Your Ducts

It’s estimated that 20-30% of conditioned air is lost to unconditioned areas because of leaky ducts. The ducts can have holes or may be poorly connected, which dramatically reduces the performance of your HVAC system. While you can seal the ducts you can reach, it’s better to have a professional do a more thorough job for you.

Get a Smart Thermostat

An internet-connected smart thermostat can significantly improve the performance and efficiency of your HVAC system. These thermostats learn from your usage habits and adapt them into an automated routine to help optimally manage your heating and cooling. By some estimates, these devices can save up to 26% on the annual costs of AC/heating bills. At GVEC, we offer connected thermostats from Ecobee and Nest®.

GVEC—Your South Central Texas AC/Heating Experts

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