Symptoms of an Ailing AC

During the height of summer here in South Central Texas, there are days when your AC runs almost nonstop to keep up. This makes it a critical appliance for your family’s health and wellbeing. AC systems last, on average, between 10 and 15 years. After that, you’ll probably need to start thinking about a replacement. Here are a few common signs that it might time to replace your AC.

1. Rising Energy Bills

It’s normal for your electric bill to rise as you begin using the AC more often during spring and summer; however, the increase shouldn’t be much higher than the annual costs in prior seasons. AC systems can become gradually less efficient as they age. This could be due to the age of individual parts, or it could result from undetected mechanical issues.

Whatever the reason, this loss of efficiency causes your AC to use more energy in cooling your home than it did when it was new. There will come a point when you’ll need to decide between continuing to invest in an old system or purchasing a new, more efficient model. A new unit will instantly save money on energy bills and operate dependably without the need for constant servicing.

2. Your Home Isn’t Comfortable

If your home is still warm and stuffy even with your older-model AC running all day, the system may have reached the end of its lifespan. Or maybe the system no longer cools your home evenly——this is another possible sign of the need for replacement. If the system makes odd sounds and/or emits unusual odors, these are additional indicators it might be time to buy a new HVAC system.

Consequently, uneven cooling can also be a sign that your AC system isn’t properly sized for your home.

3. Frequent Breakdowns

Older AC systems that continually malfunction can put a strain on your patience, your comfort and on your budget. How often is your system breaking down? How much are you paying each time to have it repaired? If your air conditioning system is breaking down every month or even every other month, the costs can really add up. In the meantime, you’re also paying a serious price in hassle and inconvenience and, probably, comfort. That’s why purchasing a new system can be far more cost effective, while giving you and your family newfound peace of mind.

Trust the HVAC Experts at GVEC Home

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