Your air conditioner relies on the system air filter to keep debris out of the compressor unit and out of other critical parts, as well. However, over time, the filter can become clogged with pollen, dirt and other contaminants. Therefore, it is important that homeowners regularly check and replace this critical part.

How Often Should an Air Filter Be Changed?

Different air filter brands and models are rated for different lengths of time and may perform differently from one home to another. If you have multiple pets in your home, for instance, or live with a smoker, the air filter will probably accumulate particles more quickly and need changing more often. If your home is in an area with high pollen counts or lots of dust, your filter might also need to be replaced more often.
On average, most home homeowners need to replace the filter every 30 to 90 days, but GVEC recommends visually inspecting your air filter every month to check if it needs to be changed and is properly protecting critical system parts.

What Happens If the Air Filter Is Not Changed?

Eventually, the filter will not be able to prevent fine debris from coating blades, motors and other parts. The material that builds up on these components will cause them to become heavy and work harder than they are designed to. This can cause excess heat to build up inside of the compressor unit, which can lead to the failure of your entire cooling system.

Changing an Air Filter Is Relatively Easy

Fortunately, replacing HVAC air filters is a relatively easy task that can be completed in about 60 seconds or less by most homeowners. In fact, regularly replacing the air filter is the easiest do-it-yourself step homeowners can take to assure their AC/heating system continues to operate efficiently and without excessive, preventable wear-and-tear.

We suggest noting the date of each filter check and change so you can keep track of how often you’re doing replacements and more easily establish a routine. It’s also important to only use filters that are designed for your particular cooling system. If you’re unsure what kind of replacement filter to use or need any other assistance with your filter, the folks at GVEC are always happy to help. Just call us.

Call GVEC AC/Heating

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