You don’t want to wait until your AC breaks down to realize that it needs repairs. Fortunately, a central AC can give off certain warning signs that it’s malfunctioning, some of which are obvious: extremely short cycles, for instance, or extremely long ones. Here are some of the less obvious signs.

Low Air Pressure

Maybe the air isn’t coming out so forcefully from your supply vents; you can usually tell just by putting your hand in front of them. This can be caused by a number of things, such as a clogged filter or a dirt-covered evaporator coil, but whatever the issue is, your system may have trouble reaching the set thermostat tempature like it’s supposed to, Which can result in poor energy efficiency.

Continuous Noises

It’s normal to hear some clicking noises at start-up, but an AC shouldn’t emit any noise during operation. For example, squealing sounds may indicate a bad fan belt while banging and rattling may point to a loose component. A gurgling sound is a sign of a leak in your refrigerant line, which will require immediate attention because refrigerant is a toxic chemical.

Many unusual sounds will come from the compressor, the outdoor unit, so they may go unnoticed until you happen to be outside. For instance, a metallic screeching sound can signify bad motor bearings.

A High Monthly Bill

If you look over your past energy bills and notice an increase that seems larger than normal for the time of year, take note. It’s possible that your AC is being hindered in some way from efficiently cooling your home and is working harder to deliver the same results. This would explain the greater energy usage.

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