Nest® thermostats are known for helping homeowners save money on their energy bills. These devices include many benefits that make life easier for those who like saving money and maintaining a consistently comfortable indoor temperature. Read on to learn five benefits of installing a Nest in your home.

1. Nest Thermostats Can Be Controlled Remotely

Both the Nest Learning Thermostat® and the Nest Thermostat E® allow you to adjust the temperature from anywhere using your smartphone. This gives you greater control over your home’s comfort. Imagine returning home from a long day at work to a house already cooled or warmed to your ideal temperature. With a Nest thermostat, you can.

2. Save Energy with a Nest Thermostat

When you leave the house, smartphone in hand, the Nest automatically triggers its Eco temperature setting to save energy. Thanks to features like this, homeowners who use Nest thermostats save, on average, around $140 a year on heating and cooling. These high-quality, energy-saving thermostats give homeowners greater control over indoor comfort while lowering energy bills.

3. Nest Thermostats Light Up When You Enter the Room

When you walk into a room to check a Nest thermostat, its display automatically lights up, so you can easily view the current temperature, time and weather. You can check the outdoor temperature and humidity by pressing the ring. This convenient feature saves time and helps assure you’ll always be ready for whatever conditions await after leaving home for the day.

4. Nest Thermostat Home Energy Reports

With a Nest thermostat, you can check your energy usage for the day in Energy History. At the end of every month, the smart thermostat sends you a Home Report for a broader view of your month’s energy usage. You can use this information to brainstorm ideas for saving energy during times of high energy usage.

5. Join Rush Hour Rewards

If you’re a GVEC member, connecting a Nest thermostat to your HVAC system makes you eligible to join Rush Hour Rewards, your Cooperative’s latest demand response program. Rush Hour Rewards is designed to reduce overall energy consumption on GVEC’s grid during peak demand times or “Rush Hours.”

Peak demand windows occur between 3 and 6 p.m., June to September. Across the state, ERCOT (the Energy Reliability Council of Texas) uses each electricity provider’s total usage during peak demand times to calculate the provider’s Generation and Transmission (G&T) rates for the following year. GVEC passes G&T costs to our members without markup. By joining Rush Hour Rewards and cutting down on usage during peak demand windows, you’ll be helping keep electricity rates stable for all GVEC members.

Plus, you’ll get a one-time $85 credit on your electric bill just for signing up and a $30 credit each year you’re enrolled in the program between June and September.

GVEC members who purchase a Nest thermostat through GVEC Home are also eligible for discounts on both the thermostat and installation when signing up for Rush Hour Rewards.

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