If you’ve noticed that the air in your South Central Texas home is often stale, sutffy or smelly, you might be wondering if a ventilator would help. Home ventilation is essential for indoor air quality, comfort and health. Consider these pros and cons of using a ventilation unit in your home.

Indoor Air Quality

Adding active or mechanical ventilation to your home could improve your indoor air quality. This is important if your household includes anyone with allergies, asthma or another respiratory disorder. Ventilators exhaust the stale, particle-filled air from your home and bring in fresh air from the outdoors. The fresh air is filtered before it reaches your living spaces.

Is Natural Ventilation Enough?

Small cracks and holes in homes can provide some level of natural ventilation. However, these are the same opening you want to seal to help your energy efficiency. Natural ventilation in a home is also often unpredictable and beyond a homeowners’ control, especially during extreme outdoor temperatures and weather.

Utility Bills

If you install balanced, exhaust or supply ventilators, your heating and cooling costs could increase. Installing an energy or heat-recovery ventilator will lower your heating expenses, but these systems cost more to install. In mild climates like that of the Guadalupe Valley, heat and energy-recovery ventilators might not be cost-effective to operate. These systems can also require more maintenance than supply, exhaust or balanced ventilators. For most homes in this area, an energy or heat-recovery ventilator is the best choice because it will help you manage your utility bills and comfort.

At GVEC, we install high-quality whole-home fans, energy-recovery ventilators and heat-recovery ventilators. You can also count on us for dependable heating and air conditioning maintenance, repair and replacement services. Our ductless system thermostats promote indoor comfort and energy efficiency. To learn more about whether or not a ventilator would benefit your home in Gonzales, Seguin and surrounding areas, get in touch with us at 877.466.5506 today.

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