Buying an AC/heating system sized on a hunch can end up costing a lot of money in wasted energy, repair bills and/or a sooner-than-expected need for replacement. Decisions regarding heating and cooling equipment size should be made based on the interior size of the area to be heated and cooled. Load calculation is the way to determine the size of the HVAC system necessary to properly heat and cool your living space with maximum efficiency.

Understanding Heat Load

The first variable in calculating and properly sizing an HVAC system is heat load. Heat load is the sum of all sources that cause a room or building to heat up. It is expressed in BTU (British Thermal Units) or kW (Kilowatts). In other words, it is the sum of all factors that contribute to the space heating up, which you will need to account for with your AC/heating system.

These heat sources include, but are not limited to, sun exposure; kitchen appliances such as ovens and refrigerators; office appliances; other household machinery; lighting and heat that enters through windows; doors and air leaks. Heat load even includes the warmth produced by your body and those of all other occupants.

How Does Heat Load Relate to Cooling Load?

Cooling load is defined as the rate at which the heat load is removed from your home to maintain constant air temperature and humidity. Simply put, the cooling load can be thought of as how powerful your air conditioner needs to be to properly cool your home when all the factors that cause it to heat up are considered.

Deciding on Air Conditioning

Calculating the air conditioning load starts with determining the volume of the space needing to be cooled. Next, by adding the heat generated by all potential sources as mentioned above, a competent technician can arrive at a figure that will help determine the exact size and type of air conditioner that’s is optimal for your space.

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