Mold spores are everywhere. When conditions are ripe, they can form into colonies that grow, releasing pollutants into the air and negatively impacting your health. However, you can take some precautions to prevent mold from taking root and growing in the air ducts of your home. 

1. What Conditions Lead to Mold Growth?

There are a few conditions that promote mold growth. Mold grows best between 77 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the temperature your air ducts are at when your home is being heated. It thrives in damp conditions and needs oxygen. It also needs food, which it has access to in your air ducts. Mold may make you feel nauseous or fatigued and can also cause or contribute to allergy symptoms.

2. What Are the Signs of Mold Growth?

Signs you have a mold problem include a musty smell across your home. If your respiratory system feels irritated when your AC runs, this could be a sign of mold.

3. Keep Your Air Ducts Clean

The best way to prevent mold growth in air ducts is to keep them clean.  The fully licensed HVAC professionals at GVEC AC/Heating services are here to help. We can inspect your home’s AC/heating ducts for the presence of mold. If we find it, we can eradicate it with the Bio-Fresh cd® duct fogging treatment. In addition to mold, this nontoxic treatment kills bacteria, mildew, fungi and yeast. Bio-Fresh cd can also help keep HVAC coils, condensate pans and filters clean, while helping rid your home of odors associated with microbial growths.

Installing an air purification system in your home, will also help with keeping HVAC ducts clear of mold spores. GVEC AC/Heating services specializes in three home air purification systems:

  • The MicroPure® Total Home Active Air Purifier
  • Reme Halo UV Light System
  • The Dust Free Lightstick 15″ UV Light Kit with Magnet

We sell, install and service all three systems. Just call us to learn more.

4. Control Humidity

You need the humidity of your home between 35% to 50% to prevent mold from growing. Modern AC systems are designed to dehumidify indoor air as part of the cooling process; however, in a humid climate like ours in South Central Texas, there may be certain rooms of your home—bathrooms, attics, walk-in closets, garages, etc.—that could benefit from a dehumidifier in the battle against mold. If you’re wondering if your home might benefit from a dehumidifier, visit our January blog for more information on home dehumidifiers.

5. Have a Right-Size HVAC System

One problem with oversized HVAC systems is that they increase the humidity in your home, creating mold-friendly conditions. When you have an HVAC system installed, make sure it’s neither too large nor small. An appropriately sized system can save you a lot of grief down the road.

Experience and Knowledge at Your Service with GVEC AC/Heating Services

GVEC has been serving AC/heating needs across the Guadalupe Valley since 1968. We do repairs, replacements, AC/heating maintenance and more. We also offer free home energy audits for electric members, as well as Wi-Fi connected smart and learning thermostats. To learn more about GVEC AC/Heating products and services, call us at 877.466.5506

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