Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas that is regularly produced as a byproduct from fires, furnaces, vehicles, and other household items. You may often think of it in homes that use natural gas appliances and heating. When too much of it is inhaled, it can be deadly. Here are a few ways to protect your home and family from deadly carbon monoxide (CO) leaks.

1. Never Run Engines in Closed Areas

CO can build up in enclosed spaces, so you should not run a car inside a closed garage or have a generator running inside your home. It is also a bad idea to use a flameless chemical heater or grill inside. Anything that requires combustion or running engines should only be done in well-ventilated areas.

2. Schedule Regular Maintenance

AC/heating systems should have annual maintenance. GVEC Home® offers programs that include a thorough inspection of your system that could locate any damage that may cause leaks if not repaired.

3. Don’t Run Potentially Problematic Things While Sleeping

An important part of prevention is simply being able to notice there is a problem before it is too late. Running things like space heaters, wood-burning fireplaces and gas ovens to warm your house while you sleep is a bad idea because you may sleep through a CO leak until it is too late.

4. Install CO Alarms

Keep in mind that some smoke detectors do not notice CO. Find a detector that is made specifically for recognizing CO, and install one on every level of your home and near every sleeping area.

5. Keep All Vents Clear

It is important to make sure the vents for dryers, stoves, furnaces, and fireplaces are clear before running them. This keeps CO from backing up into your home. Schedule regular checks, and look at your vents after storms that spread debris that could obstruct vents.

With these five tips, you can help keep your home safe. Interested in other ways to improve air quality? Check out our helpful heating and cooling repair, maintenance, and installation services. Call us today at 866.684.2359, or contact us at to find out more.

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