HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. AC is a general term used to refer to any air conditioner, including the air conditioner in an HVAC system. Do you know what kind of AC equipment is installed in your home?

What Does an HVAC System Look Like?

Many companies such as GVEC Air Conditioning & Heating in Gonzales refer to complete HVAC systems as packaged products. You’ll also hear these products referred to as central heating and cooling units. A single, or central, the thermostat is used to manage the operation of both a heater and an AC compressor. In addition, all air, whether hot or cold, is pushed through a duct system that runs throughout the home. The air exits through a series of vents placed in each room. Each vent can be adjusted to direct air up, down, or out into the environment.

Do You Have a Standalone AC Unit?

Most people are familiar with window units that contain a cooler, blower, and compressor in one product. Ductless cooling units, which are different than window units, are installed to cool single rooms without a ventilation system. Unlike the large AC compressors you see outside many homes, each ductless product requires a separate small compressor to operate.

A house may also have a VAC system. VAC stands for ventilation and air conditioner. This setup looks like a central HVAC unit, but it doesn’t have a furnace attached. If you have a large compressor outside, then you’ll have either a central AC unit or a packaged system.

What Kind of Air Conditioner Do You Need?

Ultimately, the type of AC product you choose is a personal one. Costs vary greatly between ducted and ductless systems. A ductless unit, sometimes called a mini-split system, may make sense in one room of the home. However, buying separate units for each room may not. When correctly maintained, a packaged system can last for several decades.

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