The sweltering heat during the summertime in South Central Texas, may mean you’ll spend a lot of time indoors. If your home is too humid, you might be wondering why. Read on to learn about three common causes of excessive humidity in your home and to get some tips on what you can do about the situation.

1. Inadequate Ventilation

When you’re washing laundry, cooking, showering or cleaning, you create a lot of humidity. If this humidity isn’t ventilated to the outdoors, it will persist in your home. Older homes often lack exhaust fans in their kitchens and bathrooms. In these instances, you can have one retrofit. Be sure to run the fans for at least 10 minutes after you finish any activities that create steam.

2. Oversized Air Conditioning System

While it might seem like a good idea to get an air conditioner with extra capacity, it won’t make your home more comfortable. The high cooling capacity will cause the unit to run short cycles. These short cycles aren’t long enough to remove excess moisture from your home’s air. It’s better to get a right-sized air conditioner for your home.

3. Inadequate AC Maintenance

If you’ve skipped the past couple of springtime AC tune-ups, this is another possible reason why your home is too humid. A clogged air filter inhibits airflow through your home. If the evaporator coil is dirty, the buildup prevents the air conditioner from absorbing heat and transferring humidity out of your home. Buildup in the condensate line prevents the air conditioner from draining the condensed humidity out of your home. If water backs up into the air handler, it can even cause your air conditioner to shut down.

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