Money doesn’t grow on trees, but there’s no getting around the fact that it costs money to heat and cool your home. The good news that you have more control over that equation than you might realize. Here are three tips that can help you enjoy greater levels of energy efficiency — and therefore lower energy bills — courtesy of our team at GVEC Air Conditioning & Heating in Southern Texas.

1. Assess Your HVAC System

HVAC systems lose efficiency over time, especially if they’re not properly maintained. This forces you to run the system hotter or cooler than you normally would just to get the desired effects. The best way to make sure your HVAC system can do its job efficiently is by scheduling regular assessments from our team. We can check the condenser coil, burners, heat exchanger, valves, thermostat, refrigerant, and other variables that affect your system’s overall power and energy efficiency.

2. Look for the Energy Star

Today’s generation of air conditioners can produce all the cool air you need while drawing less energy than an older system probably would. The gold standard for energy-efficient heating and cooling components is the Energy Star label. This “seal of approval” means that the appliance in question has proven itself to be at least 10 percent more efficient than the minimum government requirements. If every home in the U.S. were running Energy Star systems, the total savings would amount to $350 million per year. You might as well claim your piece of that savings!

3. Get Help From the Sun and Earth

Did you know that you can pull some of the heating and cooling your home needs directly from the sun over your head and/or the ground beneath your feet? A rooftop solar system can convert the sun’s energy into electrical power to run your air conditioner or heater, greatly reducing your dependence on the utility company’s electricity. Geothermal solutions run pipes from the ground into the home, acting as a heat exchanger to equalize temperatures without electricity.

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