The weather in La Vernia, TX, and surrounding areas often goes from one extreme to another. You’ll need an efficient and effective air conditioning and heating system to maintain consistent indoor temperatures. If your HVAC system is too big or has too much capacity, this could lead to several issues that affect your comfort and wallet.

Poor Humidity Control

An air conditioning system that’s too big for your home may perform short cycling. This happens when the air conditioner runs at full power for a minute or two. It reaches the temperature setting on the thermostat quickly, then turns off. However, it won’t remove enough humidity from your house during this short cycle time. As a result, your residence won’t feel as comfortable as it would with a right-sized system. High humidity levels can also worsen allergy and asthma symptoms.

High Utility Bills

Cooling and heating your home make up roughly 50% of your monthly energy costs. If your system is the wrong size for your home, it could operate less efficiently and cost you even more. When the unit has too much capacity for your home, it may use more power than a correctly sized system. This can result in high electricity bills.

Shorter System Lifespan

Oversized heating and air conditioning systems often have a shorter lifespan than a correctly sized unit. That’s because of the short cycling. Each time the system turns on, its mechanical and electrical parts experience more wear and tear. The more cycles it performs, the faster its capacitor, motor, and wiring become worn. You may have to replace an oversized HVAC system several years earlier than you’d need to replace a unit with the correct capacity.

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