Difficulty keeping your Yorktown, TX, home cool during a hot Texas summer or warm during chilly winters could mean there’s a problem with your thermostat. Thermostat functionality, like that of most other devices, can deteriorate over time, leading to inefficient heating and cooling of your home. A malfunctioning thermostat can waste electricity too, causing your bill to increase and even leading to mechanical problems in your AC/heating system.

If you’re experiencing problems with heating or cooling your home, our team at GVEC Air Conditioning & Heating will check your thermostat as part of any inspection. If we find a problem, we can help you choose a suitable thermostat replacement that fits your budget, lifestyle and energy needs.

We specialize in smart and learning thermostats from Nest®, Ecobee and Sensi™. These thermostats are designed to give you greater control of your home’s indoor temperature, thereby enhancing your comfort. They can significantly improve HVAC efficiency too, and save you on heating and cooling costs. According to estimates, in fact, these devices can decrease your yearly heating and cooling costs by up to 26%.