The unseen world inside your air ducts can hide multiple problems. Among the most serious of these is mold growth. In some cases, it can be hard to know for sure whether you have mold growing in your air ducts. To help determine if this is a problem, we at GVEC AC/Heating services recommend taking the following steps.

1. Do You Smell Mold? When? How Frequently?

A tell-tale sign of mold growth is the musty smell that often accompanies its appearance. If you’ve noticed this smell in your home, we encourage you to carefully consider exactly when you notice it. If you notice such an odor all the time, the problem may extend beyond your air ducts, with mold growing elsewhere in the HVAC system or in the home. However, if you only notice the smell when your HVAC system is running, this is more likely to mean that the mold is growing in your air ducts.

2. Look for Mold Around the Edges

Although the interior of your ductwork isn’t visible, the vents in your home are easy to see. Therefore, you can use the vents to “take the temperature” of your home’s ducts to see if you may have a mold problem. If you notice mold growing on the vents, it could be because there is mold growing in your ducts and spores are coming loose to set up shop elsewhere.

3. GVEC Can Professionally Inspect and Treat AC/Heating Air Ducts for Mold

If you’re looking for proof of mold growth in your home’s air ducts, call the fully licensed HVAC professionals at GVEC AC/heating services. We can perform a thorough inspection to determine if mold has taken hold anywhere in your AC/heating system or if there might be other problems present.

If we find mold in your ducts, we can clear it out through the use of the Bio-Fresh cd® duct fogging treatment. In addition to mold, this nontoxic treatment also kills other microbial growths, including bacteria, mildew, fungi and yeast. The bio-Fresh cd can be used to clean microbial growths and allergens from HVAC coils, condensate pans and filters, too. It also helps eliminate unpleasant odors that may be associated with microbial growth.

4. Get Help From Trusted Professionals

GVEC has over 50 years of experience in the HVAC industry, delivering high-quality AC/heating products and solutions to homeowners in Gonzales, Schertz, Cuero, La Vernia, Moulton, New Braunfels, Seguin and other areas throughout the Guadalupe Valley. When it comes to AC/heating installation, repair or maintenance, our team of professional HVAC technicians can tackle any issue you might encounter. Our longstanding commitment to excellence and customer-first approach to service has earned us an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. For more information on air duct mold detection or removal, give us a call at 877.466.5506.

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