Heat Pump Service and InstallationIf your family isn’t comfortable enough when your heat pump system is running, it might need service by one of our skilled GVEC technicians. We provide repairs and even new heat pump installation in Cibolo, TX.

Our skilled heat pump repair techs respond to your Guadalupe Valley home to provide heat pump service when you need it. Our technicians are also available for duct cleaning and repair, thermostat replacement, and other repairs and upgrades to improve your home heating and cooling system.

Trusted Heat Pump Service in Cibolo

When your home isn’t getting heated or cooled properly, call us to schedule a heat pump repair visit. GVEC technicians can make an expert diagnosis and correct any problems, and they’re also available for seasonal maintenance. A reminder: Checking your filter monthly and replacing it every three months or sooner if it’s dirty is recommended!

Even if you’re not a AC or heating expert, there are some ways you might detect trouble with you heat pump system:

  • Electric bill increases as your unit struggles
  • Strange noises or smells when you’re near the heat pump
  • Not achieving thermostat settings
  • Air doesn’t flow out of the vents
  • When you change the thermostat, the heat pump doesn’t activate as expected

Trusted Heat Pump ServiceIn Cibolo, it gets pretty hot in summer and sometimes a bit cold in midwinter, which is perfect for a heat pump that provides both powerful cooling and enough heat to bring your home up to a comfortable temperature. If your unit isn’t doing the job as well as it used to, call us for heat pump service.

We make sure to identify the problem and offer solution options, so you can make an informed decision. We usually have repair parts stocked in our vehicles, so getting your system back to keeping your family comfortable can be a single, quick trip.

Professional Heat Pump Installation and Service

At GVEC, we have skilled technicians that will work to maximize the benefit from your heat pump system. We’ve been providing HVAC services and installation for over 50 years. We’re proud to help Cibolo residents get the most from electric heat pump technology. Our technicians help ensure proper, efficient operation for your family’s comfort and offer heat pump service and heat pump installation. We’re your local heat pump experts in Cibolo.

If you’re in need of heat pump repair or new heat pump installation, call us for service!