To combat the incoming heat wave, you might consider installing mini-splits in your Cibolo, TX home. Unlike central AC systems, mini-split systems do not require the installation of any ductwork. They are, however, stronger than portable AC systems and can even help create zones that can be individually controlled within your home. These AC systems can easily regulate the temperature inside your home in an efficient manner, and can quickly cool down your home in the face of a heatwave.

Many models of ductless air conditioners also offer additional features and functions. Some of these models are noiseless and offer practically silent operation. They’re great for home offices, as they’re not distracting at all. Others have smart technology integrated into them, which means that you can connect to the unit via a phone or an online app. The system may use geofencing technology to determine your location and turn the AC on or off based on your proximity to your home.