Everyone wants to try to save on their home’s utility bills. So, whenever there’s an opportunity to cut down on using your heat or air conditioning significantly, you might be tempted to take it. One such opportunity is when you’re away from home for an extended length of time. However, this isn’t as great of an idea as it sounds. Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t completely turn off your AC/heating system while you’re away.

1. Running the Risk of Frozen or Bursting Pipes

Completely turning off your heat during freezing temperatures increases the risk of your pipes freezing. Because water expands when it freezes, stress is put on your pipes that can cause them to burst and flood your home.

2. Excess Wear and Tear on Your Appliances

Appliances like your refrigerator are designed to respond to their ambient environments. If the inside of your house becomes too hot, your refrigerator will go into overdrive to keep its contents cool. When the temperature is too cold indoors, the freezer compartment of your refrigerator may shut off, thinking it has done its job. The problem is that your frozen food will defrost.

3. Elevated Humidity Levels

Your air conditioner not only keeps your home cool, but it also helps to remove humidity from the air. When your air conditioner is shut down, mold and mildew can begin to grow rapidly. Too much moisture in your house can warp wood flooring, furniture, and cabinets in your home and cause the paint on your walls to peel.

How Should You Set Your Thermostat While Away?

You can still save money on your heating and cooling while you’re away from home without shutting off your system. Depending on the season, if you’ll be away for a week or two, you should leave your heat or air conditioning on. However, you don’t need to leave it at the same temperature as you would if you were home. You should set the temp for your air conditioner four degrees above what you’d normally set it during the summer. In the winter, set your heat at four degrees lower if you have a heater or heat pump.

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