Heat Pump Service and InstallationStrange sounds from your heat pump or extended run times without corresponding comfortable temperatures can mean it’s time to call GVEC for heat pump repair in Shiner, TX. Our technicians respond promptly to improve the performance of your system with heat pump repair. We also offer heat pump installation if a newer model is in the cards.

Here in South Central Texas, our experienced heat pump repair technicians are ready to serve you with professional heat pump services. We’ve been trusted for over five decades for HVAC sales and service, and we deliver top-notch customer service with honesty and integrity.

Professional Heat Pump Repair in Shiner

The ineffectiveness of your heat pump is a common sign of trouble. It may reflect a dirty coil, refrigerant trouble, air circulation issues or other problems. Our technicians can accurately diagnose the cause or causes and address them. Don’t forget maintenance and changing the air filter on a regular basis as your system’s manufacturer specifies which is critical for good performance.

We’re ready to take care of these and other signs of possible heat pump trouble:

  • You’re not getting the heating and cooling you want
  • Strange noises or smells make you suspect heat pump problems
  • Thermostat control of your indoor temperature doesn’t seem to work right
  • No airflow
  • Heat pump makes clicking or buzzing sounds, but doesn’t start

Summer gets pretty hot in Shiner, and sometimes it can get quite cold in winter. That’s perfect for heat pump capabilities. They can provide the comfort control your family needs in a compact, affordable package. If your heat pump isn’t keeping up anymore, give us a call for service. We can also help you plan your next heat pump installation if you’re interested in a newer system!

Trusted Heat Pump ServiceA thorough system check is part of our heat pump technicians’ process for diagnosing and repairing problems. We’ll make repair recommendations as indicated from our findings, and with your approval, we can often make repairs with parts often already stocked in our vehicles.

Qualified Heat Pump Installation and Repair

At GVEC, our technicians are here to help you with your energy-saving heat pump system. We’ve been delivering professional AC and heating service in the area for over 50 years, helping customers in Shiner and surrounding areas, heat and cool their homes efficiently with heat pump technology.

We’re proud to serve Shiner with the expert service local heat pump owners need.

Whether you’re interested in a new heat pump installation or you’re in need of repair, we’re glad to be of assistance. Call our team today for a quote or more information!