Heat Pump Service and InstallationIs your heat pump struggling to keep up with heating and cooling? Are you hearing unusual sounds from the mechanical components? If you need heat pump service or even a new heat pump installation in Seguin, TX, GVEC is your best bet for expert heat pump services. Our technicians can provide periodic repairs and maintenance as needed that will keep your heat pump serving you well through its lifetime.

Our team of heat pump service and installation technicians are ready to respond to your call in the Guadalupe Valley to service your unit or perform work on ducts, thermostats and other related equipment.

Experienced Heat Pump Service in Seguin

If the temperature in your home doesn’t reach the thermostat setting, it may be time for a heat pump repair visit. Our technicians can diagnose the issue and make the proper repairs. We also provide seasonal preventive maintenance. Remember to regularly change your unit’s air filter!

Keep an eye or ear out for these signs indicating your heat pump may not be running smoothly, and call us to check it out!

  • Your electric bill is higher than normal for the time of year
  • Strange noises or smells from your heat pump unit
  • Setting the thermostat doesn’t produce the desired result
  • No airflow/weak airflow
  • Unit doesn’t kick on when it should

The weather in Seguin is perfect for heat pump technology, requiring reliable cooling throughout the hotter months of spring and also summer as temperatures approach 100 degrees. Heat pumps also efficiently work to remove the chill as temperatures drop in the colder winter months. Give us a call if your heat pump isn’t keeping up.

Trusted Heat Pump ServiceOur heat pump professionals thoroughly check your system to ensure repairs are a complete solution. We’ll make recommendations and get started, often with parts stocked in our vehicles, after you approve our repair plan.

Your Heat Pump Installation and Repair Team

At GVEC, our technicians help you get the most from your energy-saving heat pump system. With cooperative roots, we aim to help area residents efficiently heat and cool their homes with heat pump technology. Our technicians provide heat pump service and new heat pump installation in Seguin, so if you’re in the market for a new heat pump or any related services, we’re your local experts. We’ve been on our mission over 50 years and look forward to serving you and your family.

Your heat pump deserves superior servicing. We’re proud to serve Seguin with knowledgeable heat pump services. Call us to schedule yours.