Heat Pump Service and InstallationThere are a lot of benefits to having a heat pump cool and heat your home in La Vernia, TX. However, if you ever experience an issue with your system, it’s important to know who to call to find an expert heat pump repair technician when you need one.

GVEC is proud to offer over 50 years of trusted, professional AC and heating service in La Vernia and surrounding areas. We are experienced with and service all makes and models of heat pumps, and we’re one of the most trusted name in home comfort in La Vernia.

Time for Heat Pump Repair or Installation?

Once a heat pump reaches over 10 years old, it’s usually time to start weighing the costs of heat pump repair versus new heat pump installation in La Vernia. Some things may only warrant heat pump repair or maintenence such as dust and debris removal or fixing the thermostat. If you’ve never needed heat pump repair before, it may be reasonable to go ahead and make the repair even if the unit is older. However, if you notice that you keep putting money into your heat pump, it is probably time to start seriously thinking about new heat pump installation. Our experienced technicians at GVEC can help you sort through your options, so you can be more certain when the time comes.

Four common signs you may need heat pump repair are:

  • Your system is making noises
  • Cooling/heating bills increasing
  • Short cycling
  • Home isn’t cooling or heating properly

Trusted Heat Pump Service

Top-Tier Heat Pump Installation and Repair in La Vernia

If you are thinking about a heat pump installation in La Vernia or already have a heat pump but need help with heat pump repair, GVEC is the logical choice. We have happily served communities in South Central Texas for over five decades and know the needs of our neighbors and their heating systems. We’re a local company with employees who live and work where you do, so we understand the needs and expectations of customers in La Vernia.

If you need help with your heat pump or home comfort, contact GVEC today to schedule an appointment.