Heat Pump Service and InstallationDo you hear unusual sounds from your heat pump? Are you frustrated with your home not maintaining a comfortable temperature and humidity? If you need heat pump system repair or seasonal maintenence to help avoid a possible breakdown or and improve efficiency in Gonzales, TX, GVEC is ready to serve you with expert heat pump service. We also provide heat pump sales and installation when it’s time to replace your unit.

In the Guadalupe Valley, our team of heat pump repair technicians are ready to serve your family and make sure you’re comfortable. We also service related equipment such as ducts, thermostats and blower motors.

Expert Heat Pump Repair and Installation in Gonzales

Poor performance from your heat pump isn’t something you should ignore. Doing so can be costly in the long run in the matter of efficiency and system breakdowns. We provide expert repair service and also system maintenance visits to help avoid unexpected repairs.

Signs of irregular heat pump operation need to be checked promptly to avoid more severe damage. This includes things like:

  • Escalating electric bill
  • Noises or smells from the heat pump unit
  • You never or slowly reach the thermostat setting
  • Airflow is lacking or missing
  • System doesn’t start or stop as expected when you change the thermostat

Trusted Heat Pump ServiceIn Gonzales, heat pump systems provide very efficient cooling, but when winter comes and it’s a bit cool, the same unit can warm your home sufficiently and just as efficiently. If your heat pump isn’t meeting both temperature challenges during summer and winter, our technicians can help, so give us a call and stay comfortable!

A thorough system check by our heat pump professionals allows us to offer well-informed solutions to keep your unit operating reliably. We also stock most parts commonly needed for repair our vehicle, so we can perform repairs on the spot.

Local Heat Pump Repair Pros

GVEC has been delivering expert HVAC service in the Guadalupe Valley for over 50 years. We’re here to help customers use electricity efficiently, including with energy saving heat pump systems. Our technicians offer heat pump service and heat pump installation in Gonzales to help local families stay comfortable.

For more information or to request heat pump service from our team, please contact us today!