Ductless Mini-Splits in Shiner, TXGVEC Air Conditioning and Heating provides the best installation of ductless mini-splits in Shiner, TX. If you live in Lavaca County and want a more efficient way to heat and cool your home, a ductless system might be the way to go. With these innovative systems, you don’t have to install ductwork, and our highly skilled professional technicians can add them seamlessly to one or more rooms in your home.

These systems have an outdoor unit and one or more wall-mounted indoor unit(s). They are also referred to as mini-split heat pumps and have served southern homeowners well for decades. Mini-splits are sometimes more efficient than traditional heat pumps because you can create zoned systems for specific areas or rooms of your home. Energy Star-rated mini-splits can reduce your heating expenses by as much as 50% because these systems transfer heat instead of creating it from scratch.

Also, without ductwork to worry about, you won’t have any energy loss as you sometimes do with central or forced air systems.

Expert Mini-Split Installation in Shiner

Ductless mini-splits work differently than traditional air conditioners. Our technicians receive are trained to install these unique systems and can recommend the size and model that might work best in your home. It’s important to have a qualified technician install your mini-split. Otherwise, you could end up with higher repair bills and damage to your home. You can count on our technicians to provide knowledgeable service because we provide ongoing training on all new systems used by area homeowners.

We are the go-to HVAC contractor in Shiner when you want deep expertise in circulation tactics. Our experts also explain how the system works and show you how to troubleshoot potential issues. Plus, you can always call us for maintenance or repair should the need arise.

Advantages of ductless mini-splits include:
  • High energy efficiency (environmentally friendly)
  • Ability to zone your home
  • Avoid costly repairs for your outdated system
  • Heating and cooling in one unit
  • No ductwork

If you would like an estimate on mini-split installation service in your home, reach out to one of our technicians today. When we show up for the job, we’ll provide a comprehensive quote, work efficiently and get the job done right the first time.

Your Ductless Mini-Split Services Team!

Your Ductless Mini-Split Services Team!Reach out to GVEC Air Conditioning and Heating for mini-split installations in Shiner. We have over 50 years of AC/heating experience and are a Factory Authorized Bryant Dealer. We offer flexible financing options to qualifying customers. Customer service is our top priority. Contact us today for your cooling and ductless mini-split services.

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