GVEC is committed to providing the essential services we deliver to the members and communities we serve.

The services we provide in terms of AC/Heating repair, internet connection and reliable electricity are critical in the daily lives of the people and communities of the Guadalupe Valley. In the uncertain days ahead with COVID-19, we are committed to providing you with the GVEC services you know and trust, while also heeding sensible best practices and closely monitoring the situation through credible resources to help protect our customers and employees.

We are reviewing the daily changes on national and local levels to make decisions on how we will adjust our operations, when and if necessary. Our priorities are to continue serving the essential needs of our customers, while also helping to limit any unnecessary exposure.

Should operational changes take place you need to be aware of, GVEC will notify customers via email, website, and social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

GVEC is taking a precautionary, but sensible approach to serving and protecting our customers and employees.

Measures we are currently implementing for staff where face-to-face communications are typical, such as line workers, field operations, GVEC Internet and GVEC Home services technicians, and customer service representatives, include:

  • Avoiding unnecessary contact with others such as shaking hands with customers and each other
  • Encouraging alternative communications options when possible
  • Technicians are sanitizing their work equipment and spaces before and after each job
  • Encouraging employees and customers to follow the CDC steps to prevent illness.

We appreciate your cooperation and assistance.

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