Six Tips to Save on Your Winter Heating Bill

February 10, 2020

All homeowners want to reduce their winter energy bills. Some ways to do so are free or very low cost. Here are six tips for saving money on winter heating bills. 1. Turn Down the Heat The thermostat should be set lower when you’re not home or asleep. Turning the thermostat down by 10% during these times reduces your energy bill by 10%. You should also reduce the heat when you’re home, if you’re able to. If you do so gradually, you can reduce the thermostat from 72 to 68 degrees and may not even notice. 2. Buy LED Light Bulbs LED light bulbs use 75% less energy than incandescent ones. These bulbs will quickly pay for themselves in energy savings. Replacing just five frequently used lights can save you $75 or more a year. 3. Change Your Furnace Filter A dirty filter causes your furnace to work much harder, leading to increased energy bills. Since heating accounts for about 45% of most people’s winter energy bills, this really adds up. Based in Gonzales, Texas, GVEC Home performs AC/heating tune-ups that can extend the life of your HVAC system and save you money. Choose from our one-and-done Check-N-Save option or...

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