How Does a Dehumidifier Work, and Would My South Central Texas Home Benefit from One?

January 20, 2021

High humidity during summer can make your South Central Texas home an uncomfortable, sticky and sweaty place. If the humidity gets too high, your body won’t be able to use evaporative cooling (i.e, sweating) as effectively to lower the temperature of your skin. Generally speaking, modern AC/heating systems are designed to effectively dehumidify the home as part of the cooling process. In other words, removing moisture from the air is an essential function used by modern central air conditioners to achieve a comfortable temperature. However, in an environment as typically and consistently humid as our part of Texas, it wouldn’t be unusual for certain areas of the home to have less-than-ideal humidity levels, especially bathrooms, walk-in closets, garages and other, similar spaces. For these kinds of trouble spots, a home dehumidifier can help maintain proper moisture levels, making those areas more comfortable. Pulling Water From Air Dehumidifiers can remove large amounts of water from the air while still keeping everything at the right temperature. Incoming air passes over cooling coils and has its temperature dropped significantly. Since cold air can’t hold as much moisture as warm air, the water condenses out of it and onto the pipes and is collected...

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