What is Super Cooling?

August 21, 2018

In the HVAC space, supercooling refers to cooling your home at a time of day known to retain low temperatures for the rest of the day. This helps minimize the workload for your air conditioning system. It cools air the easiest way possible and when it is least expensive to do so. The Super Cooling Advantage Supercooling allows you to manage your power usage and the resulting bills. It helps save money spent on energy bills. Supercooling helps cut your energy usage by 25% to 33% compared to other times. This is a significant percentage especially during summer when air conditioning costs are at their highest. How to Super Cool Your Home First, acquire your time-of-use plan from your utility. Explore the varying rate plans. The plan indicates cheaper rates for electricity during specific hours of the day and higher rates during other times. Once the plan is activated and running, set the temperature of your thermostat to as low as you can stand it between 68 to 74 degrees. This should be done throughout during off-peak hours with regards to your plan. It will get quite chilly so break out the sweaters and blankets. A programmable thermostat will ease...

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