Why You Need to Keep Fall Foliage Away From Your Outdoor AC/Heating Cabinet

November 4, 2021

For many people, there’s no season better than fall in Gonzales and Seguin. The cool weather, football, bonfires, hayrides, sweet treats and other traditions of fall are enough to put anyone in a good mood. In the midst of all the celebrations, it’s important that you take a few moments to give your AC/heating unit some attention. Specifically, you need to make sure that any fall foliage, such as leaves, sticks, grasses and anything else stay away from your outdoor HVAC cabinet. Here are a few reasons why GVEC recommends giving your AC/heating system this special effort. Prevent Nesting One potential problem with leaving your outdoor AC/heating cabinet surrounded by foliage is that the area becomes an attractive place for animals looking to hunker down for the winter. The protection provided by a leaf-cluttered, plant-choked outdoor cabinet could attract squirrels, mice, rats and other unwanted animals. While they’re nesting, they could take some nibbles of the wiring inside your AC/heating unit, meaning you could be left with an expensive repair. Maintain AC/Heating Airflow The outdoor cabinet’s primary job is maintaining proper air flow; it contains the system compressor, condenser coil and blower fan. This is another reason why GVEC recommends...

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