What Is an Electronic Air Filter? Do I Need One?

May 19, 2021

Spring is in the air, and, unfortunately, that means pollen and allergens are as well. Keeping these particulates out of your home is a challenge in the subtropical climate of South Central Texas. Electronic air filters offer one possible solution for helping filter allergens from the air. Although we don’t sell these filters, we think it important for readers to understand their options regarding home air filtration. We do, however, offer a number of UV-light based home air filtration systems, which we’ll mention briefly near the conclusion of this blog. What Is an Electronic Air Filter? The most common type of electronic air filter is known as an electrostatic air filter. These complex systems work by creating an electrostatic charge that ionizes the air passing through the system. The ionization process causes the particles in the airflow to become positively charged. While passing through the system, the negatively charged filtration plates trap the positively charged particles. How Effective Are Electronic Air Filters? Electronic air filters can be efficient at trapping larger particles and finer particles that pass through the system. Mid-sized particles may still pass through, however, as these particulates don’t always receive a charge. Also, the filters will not...

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