Simple Ways to Maintain Your Heating System That Don’t Require a Professional

November 5, 2019

While technical work on your heating system should always be reserved for a trained, licensed HVAC technician, that doesn’t mean you have to sit idly by and let your furnace absorb unneeded wear and tear. By administering regular maintenance to your HVAC system, you could extend its life while ensuring its efficiency. The following are a few measures you can take to keep your furnace running smoothly. Change or Clean the Air Filter Regularly This is the most important, and basic, maintenance task that you can handle on your own. Heating systems are equipped with an air filter to remove dust, pollen and other debris from the air. If it gets too dirty, it can restrict airflow. If your filter is reusable, remove it, vacuum off the dust and run it under warm water every few months. If your furnace is equipped with a disposable air filter, make sure to replace it every few months, as well. This chore is as easy as remembering to do it. Clean Out Your System While you won’t be able to administer a full air duct cleaning (call in the professionals for that one), you can thoroughly clean many components of your heating system...

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