Whats the Difference Between a Heat Pump & an AC?

February 23, 2018

Air conditioner units and heat pumps pump do the same job, but using different methods.  The difference in their approaches directly affects your home, air quality, and comfortability for all. Considering Central Air Conditioning A Central air unit is an inner loop system that circulates air to make it colder. A refrigerant begins the cooling process. The coolant travels through the unit and heats and is pressurized. The inner coil will then release the heated air, and the refrigerant is liquefied. As it evaporates, it uses the surrounding air to cool. Cold air circulates through the vents and duct system through your entire home. Hearing Out Heat Pumps AC units typically are made for climates that remain on the warm end year around. Milder climates may see a heat pump as a more energy efficient choice. Heat pumps are useful all year. They are less complicated than the inner workings of a central air unit. It draws the air from outside and either cool it or warms it, depending on your needs. The air the pump heats or cools is the distributed evenly throughout your home. Knowing The Difference The humidity and year-around temperature in Texas likely makes a central air unit your best choice. You do...

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