How to Fix an AC That Won’t Turn Off

April 20, 2019

Usually, having an AC that runs is a good thing. However, when it never turns off, you can end up with a freezing cold home and excessive utility bills. If your AC unit will not stop running, then follow these tips to address the issue. Look at Your Thermostat The very first thing you should do is take a look at the thermostat. The problem might be as simple as a button that was accidentally pressed. To see if this is the issue, put your thermostat at a temperature above the current room temperature. Wait a moment to see if the system switches off. Check Your Fan Limit Switch This is another thing to consider before you assume your AC unit is broken. Most AC units will have a fan limit switch by the blower that is meant to let you run the fan without having to mess with the thermostat. Switch the fan limit to “auto” so it is not manually overriding the thermostat and continuing to blow all the time. Clean Your Condenser Sometimes, the problem is that your condenser is too dirty to disperse heat. Therefore, the AC runs without accomplishing anything. Cleaning the coils can be...

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